Install The Under Mount Sink

This is something technical under mount sink installation requires sometimes professional help, there are certain DIYs which one can do to install this special kind of a sink known as ‘under mount sink’. Even if one plans to install the under mount sink one has to grab some serious professional tools in order to get the job done. But all in all installing an under mount sink is pretty simple, because it is usually situated and installed under the marble top, so in short we have a marble top and under mount sink made of porcelain . So the first thing is to figure out the front side and the back side to install that sink, there are two sides always in any sink one is a bit shallow and the other side is deep. So the best thing is to keep the shallow part towards you, in order to get facilitated to wash your hands, face and use the sink by checking in a reliable cheap bathroom supplies.

Mostly the water drain to the back of the sink, so quickly the step one to install the under mount sink, first thing is to measure couple of things, measure the depth of the place (usually the cabinet) to the underside of the counter top usually which ends up like near 15 to 16 in the quarter so, now measure the depth of the sink too which should be around 6 and 3/5. So now comes the cutting part, cut a nice piece of wood of 7 to 8 inch, hold the sink in place and apply adhesive which is Silicon (one has to buy a silicone gun which is easily available in the market (it is usually said that if the silicon smells like a vinegar it’s a good quality and will work really well). Link here is a perfect sink product that will better to your bathroom.

So put the silicon and place the sink by pulling it up by holding the drain to the desired position and put the wooden piece underneath, use that nice striking in order to bring the sink up to that level. Ok it is pertinent to mentioned that it’s an under mount sink hence must be placed from below the cabinet (don’t try to put the sink from the top as it makes no sense). Don’t apply the silicon too liberally, just enough to attach the marble and the sink, so the silicon is also the sealer and the adhesive too, hence after carefully placing the sink upwards try to level the residual silicon and adhesive.

The tip is not to hammer to hard and do not hammer directly on the sink (as it is a breakable material) hence use the wood and place it on the sink and hit the wood instead of hitting the sink. See the nice and easy under mount sink at the proper place.