Factors Affecting Building Design

Do we ever wonder why the buildings that are made by the same architect or engineers are different? Even on the other hand, there may be hundreds of building in the same area that have the same shape and size. This means that buildings design can differ from each other depending on the function of the business or they can be kept the same if there is not much variation in the utility of all the buildings. This means that no building is made without any plan, that plan leads to better building design. The pan means that why the building should be made and what activities will be happening int hat building. Then after the utility of the building have been decided, that will lead to building design. But designing a building is not the child play. The designer or architect has to consider many factors when they are designing the building. Some of such factors are


Building has to be made on the ground. When the building is on the ground it has some geographical presence. The geographical location of the building is the most vital factor that affects the design of the building. As if the building is on the plain ground it has different structural requirement but if the building has to be made on the mountain then it will require different structure. Geography plays a very important role, not in design but also size, shape or even colour used on the building.


Whenever you will be making building in cold region then you must be careful about the design of the building that can resist cold to enter inside the building and vice versa. It means that without considering the climate of the area, you will not be able to make the right decision about the design of the building. For example, if you make the house in the area that is susceptible to tornado and you missed to add extra foundation to give hold to house, then it is for sure that any tornado will damage the house severely


Culture is essential. Because maybe the design of the building can be an offence for any other people living around. For example, if anybody builds any hotel in the shape of any religious building, that can be disturbing for people living in that area. One must be very careful about the culture of that area, always keep in mind that no design should be against the wave of the culture.

Natural Disaster:

Many areas in the world are highly exposed to natural disasters like earthquake, floods or tornados. When designing the building this must be carefully inducted in the design. Special measure should be used in the design of the building, so that any natural force can be resisted. No building will be considered safe if the design will not have all the safety measures built in it.